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Radio Royalty


How long will the shirt be available for purchase?

  • The Radio Royalty shirt will be available for purchase from Thursday, December 2 through Saturday, December 14.

How much does the shirt cost?

  • The shirt is sold for $20.00

Will I have to pay for shipping and handling?

  • Yes, a $5.95 shipping and handling fee will be attached to your order.  If you order two or more shirts, an additional $2.00 will be added to your total for every additional shirt purchased.

When will I receive my shirt?

  • Radio Royalty shirts are expected to start shipping around December 28.

How will WIXQ benefit from my purchase?

  • Following the end of the sale, WIXQ will receive a check from Custom Ink. The profits received will allow WIXQ to maintain station operations and provide Millersville University students the opportunity to have an ever-growing College Radio experience. 

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