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Have you had a positive experience with a WIXQ DJ, listened to a WIXQ DJ on-air, or been compelled otherwise that you ought to join the WIXQ community? Then you should inquire within and seek to become a WIXQ disc-jockey! There are three eligibility requirements:

1   Current enrollment as a Millersville University student, staff, or faculty member

2   QPA of at least 2.00**

3   Non-probationary university status

If you satisfy the three above eligibility requirements, you should consider becoming a WIXQ DJ may become a WIXQ trainee by registering for the training program at one of WIXQ's trainee induction meetings, typically held at the beginning of both the fall and spring semesters. The date of the trainee induction meeting will be posted on the meeting dates page and the WIXQ calendar when it is determined. Inquirers may also register otherwise by contacting the WIXQ Operations Manager, Michael Dulaney, whose contact information is listed at the bottom of those page. Trainees undergo a multi-week period of on-air training under a senior WIXQ DJ, the latter of which will instruct the former

**First-year and transfer students are exempt from this requirement due to one's lack of an established Millersville University QPA.

calendar, or by emailing the WIXQ Operations Manager. Following the production of an acceptable demo tape, new DJs will select a time slot during which one will be on-air. Time slots come in two-hour and three-hour varieties. Shows air

Inquireesoncorrect use of the on-air soundboard and computer and proper DJ conduct. Following the training period, trainees will produce a demo tape to demonstrate one's competency using the soundboard and communicating effectively on-air.onaweekly-basis; that is, a DJ is on-air for two hours or three hours every week, depending on one's time slot. Please note that diligent nepotism occurs during the time slot assignment process. DJs that have served WIXQ and have gained seniority are given priority to high-demand time slots. It is not uncommon for a first-semester DJ to be limited to non-peak hours--between 1 AM and Noon--for time slot selection. Do not lament, however: as senior DJs leave or switch time slots,
time slots open
 up and new DJs may obtain them.

If you have the go-getter spirit and are eager to inquire, it is recommended that you read the WIXQ mission statement, and stay tuned for WIXQ trainee induction meeting dates, either by viewing the WIXQ



Alicia Garges                            Email: operationsmanager@917theville.com