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DJ Recruitment

Have you had a positive experience with a WIXQ DJ, listened to a WIXQ DJ on-air, or been compelled otherwise that you ought to join the WIXQ community? Then you should inquire to become a WIXQ disc-jockey! There are three eligibility requirements:

1.   Current enrollment as a Millersville University student, staff, or faculty member

2.  GPA of at least 2.00**

3.  Non-probationary university status

**First-year and transfer students are exempt from this requirement

due to one's lack of an established Millersville University GPA.**

If you satisfy the three requirements above, you should consider becoming a DJ for WIXQ. You can become a WIXQ trainee by registering for the training program at one of WIXQ's trainee induction meetings, typically held at the beginning of both the fall and spring semesters. The date of the trainee induction meeting will be posted on our social media accounts, as well as being advertised on flyers around campus.


Trainees undergo a multi-week period of on-air training under an experienced WIXQ DJ. During this time, trainees are taught the mechanics of the station and have the opportunity to play music and chat on-air! Following the training period, trainees will undergo a testing period where they must complete a written and practical exam to demonstrate competency using the soundboard and effective communication on-air. If you have any questions regarding becoming a DJ or about the training process, please contact our Operations Manager at the email listed below.


Ri Wescott            

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