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If you provide a service or own a company, or have a non-commercial message, and would like to expose that or a commercial message to a university audience, you ought to consider WIXQ as a means of fulfilling that need. WIXQ is based in the university town of Millersville, P.A., a suburb of the city of Lancaster, P.A. As evidenced by the above, WIXQ is an outstanding medium through which to advertise your service or company or non-commercial message. WIXQ offers competitive rates such that

With its 130W transmitter and 3-mile protected broadcast radius and 20-mile effective broadcast radius, and simulcast of its signal over the World Wide Web since September of 1999, WIXQ reaches both a regional and global audience. The WIXQ audience tunes in to 91.7FM WIXQ "the Ville" to listen to its diverse range of show formats--oldies, metal, punk, "twinkle daddies", "indie", and beyond, as evidenced by its program grid--and so is equally diverse as the programs that air on WIXQ. Furthermore, WIXQ's broadcast day is nearly 24/7 when Millersville University is in session. Its sponsors have continually supported both WIXQ and their message for several years. If you have been convinced that WIXQ is the place to share your message with the regional and global public, consider underwriting with us. Please contact our business and sales manager, Chris Bevans, at the contact information below to receive a quote.


Jordan Howells                  

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