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There comes a time in every music lover's life when they realize that corporate-owned commercial radio plays the same songs over and over again, with little to no variation or individual expression. Listeners get disgusted with the dozens of boring SUPER-DUPER-POWER 101s and the like, and at about that time, they jam their tuners below 92 MHz and hear a foreign world. Classical, jazz, and strange sounds that defy classification -- ahh, the world of college radio.


When you tune in to WIXQ's 91.7 FM, you probably won't recognize what you hear, and in fact, you may not even like what's playing. Don't panic. That's supposed to happen. Our format is college / variety. That means each DJ has the freedom to play whatever they deem fit to air, provided of course that it is within the good taste boundaries of the FCC.


If you're a stalwart top-40 thumper from the church of corporate radio, sit back and listen to what we play. Be honest: do you really not like it, or are you simply revolted because you haven't heard it 50 times before? Are you shying away from it because the artists consider their music to be art and not a well-paying job? Are you scared because it actually sounds decent but you haven't seen your friends wearing a t-shirt? Give us a try. Check our program grid where you're bound to find a genre that sounds interesting. We guarantee you'll find at least one show you like, or you get your money back. Honest.


On a slightly more serious note, WIXQ is all about musical variety, diversity, and respect. Buzz words, perhaps, but it's true. We love all sorts of music, and we encourage their airplay. We do focus on lesser-known artists, and the reason is simple: We don't play much pop music because it can be heard on at least six Lancaster stations alone. We have a niche market, and we like it that way.


Our DJs play amazing urban, metal, and indie music, among other things. You'll hear unique artists, new and old, that you've never heard before. From artists you do know, you'll hear fantastic songs that were lost because they were past the third track on the CD. Just like the big boys, we do lots of prize giveaways (tickets, t-shirts, bumper stickers, CDs, posters, and anything else we can find). Our DJs may not sound like the most professional people you'll hear on the air, but that's because they're not necessarily career DJs. They're music lovers, just like you. Our mission is to bring you the best music we know.


As much as it may sound it, we're not music snobs. We just like to hear different artists and different songs once and a while. We're not content to hear the same old stuff all the time. If you're ready to hear something different, listen, and don't forget to check the program grid. If you've managed to read this far, you must be crazy, so consider Millersville University with GPAs of 2.0 or higher is eligible to join. We especially welcome metal, urban, and indie shows.


Thank you,

WIXQ Station Manager 2020-21

Abi Risser


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